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poetry in motion
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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
6:45 pm
Today gotta be my day. I woke up thinking it would be horrible, yet it turn out to be real good. First off, I need to be more independent. I gotta start learning how to take better care of myself. School was awesome. We went in the gym. ok, i sold out. I didn't join sam's team. I went for something different.raul out the blue ask me if i wanted to join so i said yeah. I got 10 stranger on my team. I actually like it better this way, they all seem friendly. This is going to be interesting. Lunch came by and I decide to walk around. I meet this security guard lady. It funny going to a school for 3 years yet she thought i was a new kid( i am so not popular). Later on when the bell rung going back to class, Some girl decide to pinch my butt. I turned around and just smiled back. I didn't know what the hell to do, she caught me so off guard. Man, that the best complement i have ever gotten in my life. Later on, saw this chicks. It funny what a lil smile can do.... Went to the optical after school. I found parking in the building which is amazing. Later treated myself to a new wallet (I was a dollar short, yet a complete stranger gave me one). My new best friend is diet coke. I am so in love with it. No calories and all you can drink. Only if everything else was like that. the end....

Current Mood: contemplative

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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
9:44 pm
Best news ever. Elly told me we only have to just pass classes now (seniors only). Our gpa is locked. What does this, mean? I get to be the rebel i always wanted to be...oh boy!

Today was mellow. Read my book all day. Was real amped. My emotions ran through the book. I never felt nothing like it. For a second, i experience another side of me. Like the person they depicted in the book.

Talk to this chick. Funny, thing was i knew who she was in elementary. I always thought she looked good (got that bottoms apple). I dunno, what might happen, But i keep catching her staring at me, like i was a piece of meat (for all the critics out there. I consider someone staring at you when they are looking at you for a good 20-60 seconds and do it repeatedly). oh yeah..her name not sarah.

First day of the diet and it hell. Shit. T.v. the worst. Never have i had so much temptation. It like you want it more knowing you can't have it. Food commercials is the worst.

American Idol was real good. I watch it for a second. I was happy for the people who were over confident, yet really had no talent. I even enjoyed it more when they shot back. I never knock someone for being confident. I have gone through my life being insecure and having a low self-esteem for oh so long. I guess, in a way. I remember who i was and what i am become now, that i appreciate it that much more..

Lesson of the day- why go 100% when you can do it at 40% and get the same results.

Which Family Guy character are you?

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
5:13 pm
Man, this song gotta be the make out anthem of the year. I love this song for some reason.

Senior Breakfast was good, only for the exception that i was a wuss. I should have gotten digits, but oh well. Their always next time. Oh, yeah..I think i am a lousy dancer. I got that 3 step method going, but i think not many people knew how to dance anyway. my ass got felt up so many times, i don't really mind. I don't blame them..haha Oh yeah, Eddy shocked me. He real cool person. I think our table was the only one to raid the food table for 2-3 times. We sure got our money worth..

Quote of the day (from senior breakfast). "Your down as fuck!"

Paint ball is a addiction. I am starting to love it more and more. Come rain, snow, whatever. I don't care we still out there. It getting more and more popular. We played 15 vs 15 today. It was crazy, Everyone was all over the place. The craziest moment was getting caught in the cross fire between sam and some kid. I dunno what was happening, but for some reason both just kept shooting at each other. At one point i was wondering if they were bullet proof. They took 5 good minutes shoot at each other. I got shot in the back after by my own teammate. Almost even fired at this guy from blank range. I would have destroyed him.

I like this chick sarah. I dunno, just something about her. I really like flirting with her. We can talk for hours and not get boring. Believe what you want..it all in the pimp book, lmao...

By the way, i am starting to get thirsty. Man, i need some good apple pie....

Ms. Matthew made us pick a african american biography book to read for this nine weeks. I took Earl simmons (dmx). I am half way through the book. He's mindset is so wicked. I have never experience what i have just read. I am really starting to like reading. It takes you to another world.

Going to start my program. I been stuffing myself lately, because it sure going to be a long time before i enjoy funk food again. My friend louis and me plan on lowering our body fat. I am around 15%-18% right now, I hope to go down to 10%-8%. This is real complicated, but my friend real good with all this. We plan on working out and dieting. Wish me luck.

It super bowl sunday, I don't care for who wins. I don't like nether team. I predicted a good game, but i don't know if i will bother watching it. If i were to bet my money be on the patriots.

I am going to take this from Yellowpez journal.

January, you been good and bad. I experience ups and downs. I really have come to my own. I don't give a fuck anymore what people think of me. I feel free. I am not haunted by my past. I look forward to the future. I can deal with loneliness now. I don't depend on people for comfort.

I wish everyone the best. I am out. Take Care.

Advise of the day.. Think positive.

Current Mood: sore

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Monday, January 26th, 2004
8:56 pm
hey, i haven't been able to post of late, because i have been busy. which is a great problem to have.

I have expanded my surrounding. I see it now as people come and go, but i will always be here. I notice how distant i can become sometimes. I will never have a best friend again, well to be honest. I have become my own best friend.

Meet alot of interesting beautiful young ladies of recent. I will leave it at that. For i pass no judgments yet.

I now work out with my body with my good buddy louis after school. So far, I am real grateful. He want to be a body builder one day, which i have benefited from gaining alot of knowledge on how the body works. My one hobby has always been weight lifting, even stronger then football.

Funny, thing. I don't care about football as much as i use to. I am not really all that into it. Guess, I just grew out of it.

Oh what hot, now! Paintball. For some reason some of my friends are trying to go ever week. Man, they are into it. I already got death threats..lol

wow, my friend david trick me into trying this site out. 303 people think my looks are rated 8.3 I am hotter then 80% of the men on that site. am i that DAMN hot?...lol hm.. just curious. What do they see, that i don't?

I will leave it at that, Sorry i can't go into more details. It just I am still not ready to bare my soul for everyone eyes' to see.

Current Mood: sleepy

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Saturday, January 17th, 2004
11:19 am

After school, I decide to go hang out with my boy Frank. While at his house this 2 chicks call. So we went over. Okay here the scenario. We all in the bed. Frank and me are doing our thing, then BAM!!! One of the girls older sister comes in. She like the mom of the house. Ah, man... all hell broke loose. For a second i thought i would be so fucked. Well, after the dust settled. She really calmed down. We began talking about religion. She brought back memories of the day i turn my back on god. Well, Long story short i think i will be giving religion another try, even though i am not perfect by any means. Heh..what a crazy night.

oh yeah, i might join another group for jr/sr olympic. I feel the need to start over. I don't wanna remember all the stuff that occurred last time.

also for all the talk about going to states this year, it turns out carlos and me aren't going after all. To expansive, we both came to a agreement. We can spend our money on more useful things.

Going paintball shooting on monday. Marcus, Frank, Sam, David, Louis and more.. Sweet.

I am out, peace!!!

Current Mood: content

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
8:39 pm
The storm has past, let there be sun.
Busy..Busy...Weekend. All, but one day taken. Friday chill with frank, Saturday go holla at females and catch a movie, sunday open but i doubt i will wanna do anything (oh yeah FOOTBALL).

I think i had enough. I can't stand negative people. You suppose to be by my side cheering me on, not doubting me. Making me feel like crap, man... IF your a negative person, heave my WARNING. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM ME. I don't wanna catch the deadly virus.

Hm.. Right now, I am in a phase were i wanna meet as much people as i can. I enjoy it alot, especially making people smile and laugh. I love the feeling of knowing someone having a good time, because of me. I also hope to be more out going.

I am being accused of hitting on taken females...lol..like if i really was..hm..maybe?

I also plan on cutting down my fat ratio. I hope to bring it down to 5% of body fat.

Oh yeah, D.E.C.A. is freaking expensive this year. 180 man, i can do so much with that money.

also, i plan on getting contacts soon.

Take Care...1

Current Mood: horny

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Sunday, January 11th, 2004
9:55 pm
New Year, New Begging
Hey, lj. Haven't updated in a while. This past winter break i went to NY. I did a whole lot of stuff, i can't even say (gotta keep this censored). Anyway yeah, christmas really blow.... I got stuck in the highway, because my friend car broke down. Luckily , we didn't get nailed in the back by a car speeding 100mph. We were able to move the car over 3 lanes without getting hit and we almost spend the whole night there. I got to know my cousin alot better, though. New Years was fun spend time with the family while managing to get twisted. I learn alot in this vacation. I am a better person, because of it. I wish i had the power to for fill everyone wish, but i am just one person.

OK something more recent, oh i got a trophy in deca. Carlos and me took 3 place out of 3098308393. Not really, but atleast i know i can wipe my butt with rojas mid-term. It going to be fun going to orlando (vacation). I think more recently i am looking for happiness. I have had so much time on my hands, I don't know what to do with it. I am not satisfied with just letting the world go by. Hopefully i will ether get a job or just join this gym right by my house.

On my romance life i am not settled. I still haven't found that women i am looking for. I might regret not being with jessica, but in the end i still feel i made the right decision. I would have hurt her even more. Last thing, I feel bad for stuff i have done in the past. I really regret this one time i made fun of this person just for entertainment. I was a dumbass. If only we can start all over again, as if we just meet for the first time...

oh yeah, congrats to Sam. I know how much he been looking forward to a car and even more for a g/f. I just hope he knows what to do with both of them.... oh and Will if you DO read my journal.. INCUBUS really does ROCK.

Take Care. Peace!!

Current Mood: mellow

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Friday, December 19th, 2003
6:05 pm
Quick Update
Lately i am at a odd. I feel like such a loner. I don't know why i didn't go to my friend frank party today..just not in the mood i guess..eh..i shouldn't really go into this..it real personal. Anyway, Couple days ago there was a college forum. It was alright (they didn't say anything you already didn't know). Only things, it really got me looking forward to college. I got accept to fiu for the summer B term, which is real ironic. My best friend had it last year, so i will just follow his foot steps for the time being. It nice having someone to help you. Oh yeah i made a cutting board in woodshop. My mom loved it. It was beautiful, so good i almost wanna take it back. Also, i got a interview this monday for a good job at dsl I...wootwoot..I will probably be seating on my ass all day eating shit online like a bum and actually get paid for it. I can't wait for wednesday, though.. I am out, peace!!

Current Mood: indifferent

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Friday, December 12th, 2003
8:15 pm
Today was awesome. I got away with so much..muah muah.

I love my 2 period which is weight training. Especially when we got silent reading. I got to sleep for a hour and then go work out...that the best of both worlds. I love sleeping and working out. Oh yeah, there this girl in this class. She been liking me for a while, well today shorty was looking real good (girl got a phat booty) and you know me.. i had to do my duty.

T.V. production is becoming real fun. We working on our skit. I really think we going to have the best show ever. There too many funny people in the class not to. We saw 2:20 and well, let just say we weren't laughing because of the show. That remind me last class, i got to be director and we made the tape too hot for t.v... (no disrespect to 2:20..it just you people are more of the intellectual type of funny. we are more like dumb and dumber type)

The last 10 minutes of lunch was so fun. I caught up with ol friends and we got crunk. Also, i meet this new kid. Guy is real cool, which surprise me in a way. He seemed like such a nerd, yet the guy was so polite and he had a sense of humor. He showed me all this stuff about the school i didn't even wanna know..man, you never imagine how filthy our school really is.

Ms. matthew hate my 6th period class. Just as we walk in she already screaming at us. It fucked up how she doesn't give us a party, yet still leaves food on the table for us to stare at. i got lucky today, I guess she doesn't know me well or just so dumb, she gave me my own paper to check. So i gave myself 3 A and 1 B.

I am going to call myself scrooge this christmas. I already made deals with most people to buy nothing. I am trying to save my money to go to New Yok, i can't wait to go. I love parting and bullshitting. plus there no better feeling then being free. Atleast for the short time i am there, i don't have to deal with any of the crap that comes with having parents.

Jewban- The guy who is straight.. And never too late!

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Thursday, December 11th, 2003
7:48 pm

Yesterday was so crazy... while driving home. This dog just collided to the rear side of my car. It looked like a Bull charging at my car. I got lucky, i was quick enough to slam the brakes (almost got caught up with my wheel). Thanks god, the dog is alright. Later on, I meet this homeless guy who lives near a win-dixie by my house. It really make you appreciate your life.


Mr. Rojas loves me!...haha. I never thought he would actually give me special treatment. Yet today, i forgot to dress for success (as everyone who has that class knows, he send you to ms.william and you get a detention). He actually just gave me a F and said it was HIS fault.

Also, I don't think i am going to study for deca. Even if rojas hate me for it. I already made up my mind, i wanna go to orlando to enjoy.

After school, I hang out with sam and louis. We were suppose to go shopping for presents, yet it turn out no one really bought anything. It was fun hanging out. By the way, sam and louis are terrible shoppers. I feel sorry for there girl friends...

Current Mood: busy

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
9:53 pm
Ms. Matthew sucks so much (*))!*#. I hate that class. Women, so mean she failing the WHOLE class. Everyone expecting to get there failure notice by mail. She so mean, i didn't see her earlier today, yet she shows up just in time for my class.

I took the deca test. I think i boomed it..i am going to hear this from rojas until i graduate. scratch this..danny just finish telling me we beat his team..wootwoot...

I got too much pride. It so hard for me to apologize when i step out of line. i am such a a-hole at times. I need to be more careful with my words. I really like to apologize to this one person..but hopefully she already knows i am sorry by now. I really would have liked to have been her friend. I could have learn so much from her, yet there only one things..no matter what i will never be able to change, she would have to accept me for me..but fuck it..it wasn't meant to be.

In a way, i can't wait for winter break to come. I wanna go to new york already.

i might get a job at dsl I. I look forward working there, super slack job and i get to be online. All i need now is to do my interview.

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Sunday, December 7th, 2003
1:06 am
Today was such a good day. I felt real productive, so i washed my car. The strangest thing was i actually enjoyed it. My mom real happy of late. I told her i got accepted to FIU. She real proud of, yet i am not even excited going there. Anyway, I then went to go pick up mario and luis. Mario had invited me to hang out. He lives so close to me. On the way to his house I was so amused. He lives in such a ghetto area. I see dogs walking streets like they own it and cars taking stop signs (it anarchy). I meet luis, guy is real cool. We then headed out to sunset. We passed by this park, it brought up so many memories (it was all decorated with x-mas stuff. Looked real good). We got to sunset super early (movie was at 8pm, we were there by 5:30). So, we walk around and raid most of the stories. There so many new stories in sunset. I haven't been there in a while. We then headed to go eat. Mario went with rolls (he said it was a theme thing), luis and me ate at chicken kitchen (sorry, i am just to damn american). After leaving chicken kitchen, i saw this bum. The guy was freaking huge. I mean he was a good 300lb, i say it all a scam. Dude probably rich. Who ever saw a bum who was overweight??? what this world coming to.. We then saw the movie. The Last Samurai was awesome. I felt so many emotions. I had such a good time hanging out, today. I need to go out more often. Going to sleep now, take care.

Current Mood: happy

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Thursday, November 27th, 2003
9:35 pm
First of, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Today, i woke up and bam..my mom already telling me to hit the showers. We headed to my cousin house extremely early, I mean, damn we arrive before anyone else by a good 3 hours. There i started playing with my lil cousin. Mad, chill. They have this balcony turned mini-play pin. Made me feel like a lil kid all over again. I guess no matter how old i get i will always be a lil kid in the inside. ok, enough of this sentimental stuff. so after that, I got a pleasant surprise. My cousin husband is into video games. Man, his t.v. is freaking huge. It not a t.v. It more like a home theater. He had a xbox. Mad, props for that. I got to play splinter cell and project gotham racing. After that i watch the dolphins game(hobby). The t.v. was so huge. I felt like i was at the actually game. Oh yeah..did i mention he has surround system. what... I gotta go over more often. Well, we got to eat some good arse food..mmmmmm...It was like a buffet. Only things, i didn't really stuff myself. Anyway, after the food. More people came over. It was alot of people by the way. Then they whooped out the alcohol and some colombian music (you know how we hispanic family due). Party was on.. Only knock was i didn't have anyone around my age, but it was cool. Oh, yeah...man, my mom hates..No alcohol for me. All and all. I give it a A+. The dolphins destroyed the cowboys..wootwoot..Superbowl, baby...and my cousin husband going to give me grand theft auto for free. Repeat that FREE (i love that word so so much). Man, this was a sweet thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a great one... Take care.

Current Mood: rejuvenated

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Tuesday, November 25th, 2003
8:24 pm
Today wasn't so good a day. I have been frustrated for a while. I got a pessimist personality. I hold stuff in until i get so full, i just explode. Like a hot ballon. yeah, creepy. I might go postal one day..bring a gun to school. lol, just kidding. anyway, yeah so lately i have been burning bridges instead of building. I just like to apologize to anyone i dissed or mad fun of. I sometime lose myself. Becoming full of hate. I feel great right now, because i got it off my chest. I already apologize to some of the people and hopefully everyone soon. On a more positive note. My self-esteem has never been higher. It incredible what i have been able to accomplish this year. I am 5/5, shit..perfection. man, i got skills. The only knock is i don't really want a relationship with any of the girls. I just wanna have fun. I'm such a pimp. I love this song by g-unit. Oh yeah my true love......limewire (it so much better then kaza.)

LyricsCollapse )

Current Mood: humble

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
1:38 am
Hey, yo.. What up. I am back and feel better then ever. Like if i just got rejuvenated. I don't know if it the cool air of late. I am not going to go through every little detail of why today was so great, but i will give you some hints. I like to first give danny castello props. I thought he would have some mercy, but i guess wrong. Mr. Rojas said i was handsome, today..lol.. To be honest, that was a surprise to me. I thought he would just come up with a joke. Oh yeah, Beba hit on me today, Literally. Oh, also to Danny. I like Beba as much as you like Steph. I know people read this junk, but don't bother to comment. That remind me, to thank sam. I think he is my #1 fan. Coach wild today congratulated me on having a excellent board, he even ask me if i planned it. I told him i was a good guesser.

After school, I chilled with louis. We only got to talk. I was a bit grateful, i didn't have a g/f. His g/f is so psychotic. She some how get my cell phone number and calls me up demanding to speak to louis. She had my ears bleeding from that nasty tongue of hers. I can't stand girls like that. I dunno how he does it. best of luck to him. oh yeah, I applied to fiu. It wasn't my first choice, but what can i really do. My mom isn't letting me go anywhere else. We aren't rich man, I can't just pick up and go anywhere i want to. Sorry, i am not a big baller yet. It might not even be that bad, I know people in miami and i think fiu is alright. I keep hearing only, good things about there business programs. I reloaded my computer today, lj. I got fed up of all the stuff i had on my pc. It seem brand new now. I think, i will be a old man and still be using this computer. Only thing i might regret this year, is not getting to know people. I wish i could just have a planner and have someone i never hang out with each day. There must be so many interesting people, i never bothered to get to know. Thanksgiving going to be a new experience. It the first time it will feel like a real family. My parent plan on going to my other relatives in miami house and we plan on celebrating it as a family. anyway, I am calling it a night.

Take Care.

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Thursday, November 20th, 2003
10:26 pm
A is for - Age: 18

B is for - Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Nope

C is for - Career in future: Porno industry

D is for - Dad's name: ha, he screwed me with the same name.

E is for - Essential item to bring to a party: Condoms

F is for - Favorite song at the moment: Nick Cannon feat. R.kelly- Jiggalo

G is for - Guy/Girls you've kissed: Unknown

H is for - Hometown: Miami

I is for - Instruments you play: I was force to play the flute in elementary.

J is for - Job title: Unemployed

K is for - Kids: ask me in 10 years.

L is for - Living arrangement: My mom and me.

M is for - Mom's name: Wilfen

N is for - Number of people you've slept with: None, yet

O is for - Overnight hospital stays: Zero, that's amazing.

P is for - Phobia[s]: Paranoid. I can't stand girls who try to be my friend just to get in my pants.

Q is for - Quote you like: "I don't know if i am ready to be the man, I have to be".

R is for - Relationship that lasted the longest: 6 months and that felt like forever..

S is for - Sexual position: I don't know as i haven't been there.

T is for - time you wake up everyday: 6:05am weekends: Unknown.

U is for - Unique trait(s):a sense of humor, if only everyone would have one...

V is for - Vegetable you love: Carrots

W is for - Worst habit: To much pride, damn football.

X is for - X-rays you've had: Don't bother counting.

Y is for - Yummy food you make: arrose con pollo (what you expect..i am part cuban)

Z is for - Zodiac sign: Leo

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
8:20 pm
Today was rather strange. I had a alright day for the most part. Lunch is starting to really suck. My friend are cool and all, but they don't got a life. I can't stand talking about video games every lunch for a whole year. I lost interest. I even stop playing video games a while back. Only game i play is madden and that on occasions. I just wish one day they would talk about something else, show me you actually do more then just play games. Oh yeah the rather strange part is this girl today. She acting like the chick in the movie swimfan. I give her negative a million for that. Oh also, i refuse to make anything sexual with...how can i put this in a nice way, un-attracted girls. Mark that down, i will not flirt with un-attracted girls anymore. It going to be a pain in the arse when i gotta tell them to get off my jock strap. anyway, I am thinking about doing another cycle (non-steroid wise). Hopefully i can drop fat and gain more muscle/cuts. I need to get motivated again. I been so not wanting a job. Today i walked into publix and was about to ask for a application, but i said screw this. I walked out. I don't wanna rush into working. I wanna enjoy being free for a change.

Quick update. Thanks to my loving mother. I will be working at publix soon. She got one of my next door neighbor to hook me up with a recommendation. She so thoughtful...

Take Care.

Current Mood: content

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Sunday, November 16th, 2003
10:10 pm
This couple days been alright. Friday after school Louis, Sam, Frank, and me meet up. We went bowling at Don Carter. For all you nerds out there, if you didn't know. Don Carter offers a free game for every A you get on your report card. We stop by sam work on the way. Frank and Louis decide to buy alcohol, while i got a free smoothie complement to sam. By the way, thanks sam. We later meet up with norlan at Don Carter. As usual I dominate in bowling. It was truly no competition (it also help when half the competitors are drunk). Best part was after bowling we pranked the shit out of norlan. That was real missed up, but hilarious. That remind me, we are such good friends..lol. Saturday and Sunday was alright nothing special.

Here a inside to what i be thinking: I need to face up. I find this difficult for me. I have to get a job. I don't want to, but i have no money. I just hope that i won't turn out like most people i know, who are always bitching and complaining on how much there job sucks. I just wanna do something i will enjoy. I need to talk to my mom friend who owns a bally. If anyone knows any good job opening, i would appreciate if you left a comment. Also i need to start applying to colleges. I haven't told many people, but i fear no college is going to want me. I don't know why i think so low of myself, it just when you go to those college orientation and there telling you they want people with this and that. You start thinking, maybe no one well want you. I hope to apply to varies colleges.

Tomorrow, I got nothing to do after school. Man, that sound so strange.

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Thursday, November 13th, 2003
9:41 pm
Life After Football....
Crap, First Day off and my mom already looking for a job for me. Yesterday Game was real nice. I loved the senior walk (let my mom experience the day and life of a football player). She really was looking forward to it. I think she deserved some joy for all the pain i have giving her through my existence. I still think junior class should have won with the 18 wheeler and a dj. I was almost tempted in catching a ride with them. The only good thing of not being able to play was being able to check out the parade which by the way mad props, but i got one question..where were you when the season started? oh yeah...anywhere, but that in the stands..yeah i remember. By the way, here something that crack me up every time. During the pep rallies. when coach grey says "we have the greatest fans"..everyone on the team knows it. hm. wonder what it was...anyways,it real nice when people can't say nothing bad about you (It probably the best thing i will learn this year. No matter how bad it gets..Never give up). Oh yeah..this is for all the band wagon fans..you can kiss my rear end..or should i say "Your the greatest.."

Life weird, I didn't expect the season to end so fast. I now feel like i am in the real world. I will probably be force to have a job soon. Atleast for this short vacation. I will be able to hang out with my friends and anyone who want to hang out. I can't wait till Christmas to come around, though. I so wanna let loose in N.Y. I feel like i have been holding back alot of late. I wanna show 100% of me, but i fear some people can't handle that. Anyway, I am going to call it a night. Take Care.

P.S. Today must have been the most boringness day of my life. It rough for me to have so much time on my hands, yet nothing to do. I don't know how people do it...

Current Mood: weird

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
12:50 am
What up lj?..I am been rather at a unusual spot.

Lately I feel so tired. I need to start taking vitamin again. Last weekend i spend most of it sleeping. I have been so tired to do anything. I know i am going to sleep late, but i get more then the required sleep and i still feel extremely tired form the usual. I hope it goes away soon. It would be so cool, If i could be rejuvenated like tony the tiger after eating a bowl of frosted flakes (just like the commercials).

More complicated matters, I amt in this situation. I dunno what to do. Let me explain. I am dealing with sex. It so much in the air of late. I can't avoid it. I still dunno what i should do. I don't know if it best to wait for the right girl or just do it as much as possible. This has come up before, but not as strong as now. It just, I don't want to wait anymore, forget the perfect girl. Live the moment, but i don't wanna be seen as less innocent. I worry about losing my integrity. Tough choices. hope, i make up my mind soon.

Football game got reschedule. I won't lie. I was a bit happy that we didn't play. I didn't have to go through the pain of not being able to play my last game. I can't do nothing with my hand till the 18, freaking sucks. I only look forward to the pep rally, but man... you know what it is..having senior walk, yet damn right knowing you can't play, but you still feel your hand perfectly fine and the doctor screwed you over. It a bitch, when you feel so powerless to do anything.

Tomorrow i mostly baby seat my little cousin. I am thankful for him coming over. He let me zone out of everything i am going through and just enjoy the moment. It hard not to feel joy when you have a lil kid around you who has nothing, but love for you.

Relationships are a pain in the ass. I can't get what i use to have. There no spark with this girl and me. I don't feel what i felt with April. It not the same, it way different. To be honest, I never really liked her. i got more turn on that she liked me instead of every other guy (add the fact that other guys went through extreme measures to try and get her to like them, while i did it with ease). I guess that my fault, but the truth must come out at some point. eh.. i shouldn't be so revealing in public entries.

Take Care

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
11:48 pm
Eagle Fling Rocked for the most part. Props to mario, Who surprise me with his acting skills. I really enjoyed it, but there was stuff i hated by the situation i was caught in. I don't know why girl get so dumb at times. well, Uh..I don't even wanna go into it. Let just say, I will never be going out with her again. To much grief for me. I talk to evans on the way home. He open my eyes so much. I don't even know what to do about it. I thought, i was the only one who notice stuff. He prove me wrong. The worst part is. I know myself and I can't hold stuff in. Tomorrow should get interesting. I need sleep. Take Care.

Oh, man..I see strong bad on guess the mug. Can homestarruner.com be this popular?

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Monday, November 3rd, 2003
9:57 pm
Phase 2
Today felt sort of strange. It got to me. My depression was taking it toll. I kept getting congrats for the football team victory last game. Yet, I felt really crappy. Most people didn't know. I wasn't able to play that game, which make me feel like i didn't contribute for anything. Let face it, I am out for the rest of the season. It got to me, because it was my senior year and i was playing real good football. I was planing on making highlight type until my doctor decide it wasn't worth risking breaking my hand again. Quote "your bone real weak, No more football". If only the doctor knew how much that really hurt. So today, In practice. I decide to do something I never thought i would do. I just told the coach i was going home. I had enough. It was too much to take in. I couldn't be there constantly reminded that i wasn't going to play. I didn't wanna feel depressed. I dunno if it was the right decision, but that what i did.

On another note. I bought tickets to Eagle Fling. I decide to go, because i wanted to support my friend mario. He asked me to go and watch him. Also I have never gone to one of those event in my 3 1/2 years at Southwest (better late then never). I decide to ask this girl to accompanying me and she said yes. Ha, hope no one has there hopes up. I like her, but only as a friend.

Take Care.

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003
8:42 pm
-Best friend visit me yesterday..after 3 years of not being in contact with him. This fucking rules..I missed him far to long(as gay as it might seem). I known him since i was 4 years old. We use to be a duo until i decide to go to sw. This really has me excited.

-Today stats... 2 digits, 1 screen name, and 1 recommendation (Ms.Terry gives 2 thumbs up saying i am a good kid..haha).

- Football been alot of fun. I played my best game last week vs braddock. I even caught a ball for negative 5 yards lol... I know we down right suck, but it really isn't our fault. I just think the school let us down. We don't have enough people to do anything. We lit up braddock for 400yards in offense, but we died in D...reason being everyone goes 2-ways. I know we could have won, if we just have more players to stay fresh and not so tired in the 4th quarter.

- I have been giving thoughts about going to Seton Hall, FIU or even the military. I feel so lost, i don't know what i want. I only ask for one thing and that to be happy.

- Winter Break I plan on going to NY. Ha, this is going to be so much fun. It just straight up fun every day. I just hope i can control myself. So much temptations. No parents, No commitments(hopefully), and No limits.

- Friends situation is weird for me of late. It like friends come and go, but you always be there. I guess i have turn real independent. I don't mean to make anyone upset or anything, but it just seem like that of recent. I also been guilty of not opening up. I feel no one want/need to know everything.

- Alot of people i know have been getting into fight. I hate when people make me pick sides. Put it this way...I am a lover, not a fighter...I only duke it out in football and it perfectly legal..

-Frank told me the funniest story ever...I still laugh just thinking frank got hit on by a counselor. He should so nail her....

Take Care

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Thursday, October 16th, 2003
7:52 pm
Today..Was a good day..I feel better now..I didn't go to school today and just relaxed my mind..I dunno how i do it but somehow, i am able to play madden which is ultra cool (remind you i got a cast on one hand). I love the game, it the only reason I got a console. It been over due for a while. It took my mind off alot. Reason i been acting so strange of late is... just read the lyrics and you will understand.

Heartbreak is a headache,
Like a toothache or an earthquake.
Spontaneous combustion
Leaves a taste that so disgustin'
And it don't go away too fast
I'm a window made of broken glass
I've never needed anything,
Anything but you
And that's what wrong
That's what i get
For feeling this
Just let me know
All i'll miss
When i'm gone

I'd like to thank you
For lettin' me know i can feel this way
Feel this way
For lettin' me know i can feel

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2003
10:08 pm
Man, what a crappy few days. I felt so depressed of late. The past two days to be exact. I have been feeling miserable. Today lunch was amazing. I didn't say nothing and half way through i just felt the need to get away, so i went into the looker room. I dunno what to do, i just know it all getting to me and it eating me inside. Fiu orientation was only good, because they basically told me i got all the requirements, But been there suck so bad. I am going to stop flirting so much..Because today it caught up to me. This girl seat infront of me and well, i don't even want to re-live it, just wish people sometime kept there hands and feets toward themselves. I did the usual acting, put a mask on and try not let people find out how miserable i felt. I don't want to go to school tomorrow. For there no more purpose of going, it like being in jail. Let me out is what i am crying out. i got a test which i will fail and i don't want to see the people in my classes, there starting to annoy me somewhat. This year, i come to learn there alot of pretenders....I need a vacation. I just wish to be able to drive my car somewhere until it run out of gas..Just get away..Don't care where...more like anywhere but here..

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Saturday, October 11th, 2003
11:14 am
Every time I look up, I see it in your face. You wanna hook up with me

School was rather awkward today. It seem like everyone wanted to pick a fight with me. 1st period refs wanted a fight. 4 I was already pissed off and i have silvio slapping the back of my neck. Oh, yeah some girl tried to get me jealous and frankly, it worked. I dunno, what to think about it..Does this mean i really have feels toward this girl?..Anyway lunch was hard for me. I couldnt even crack a smile toward people. I was stressed out, i didn't want to fight, but i let no one try me..I also have a temper most people never seen. I hold it in for a while, but when i explode...I get crazy. I try to not let it come out, but sometimes i can't help it. 6th was the best, same girl msg me back and well, everything cool now. I dunno, i was about to blow her off for dumb jealousy thing. I wish i wasn't like that. uh, oh yeah teacher assume i wasn't able to write. So i don't have to do any work.
I am just glade i made it out today without getting suspended. I wanted to fight bad, but resisted. Tonight was real gravy. This girl calls me like 3 times, we talk till like 12am. It rather strange, because all she tell me in my ear..haha..to bad i can't say. I am starting to get to know her more, but i dunno if i am ready. Do i really want a commitment..she my soulmate..lol..nah..just thinking it getting great. Why settle down?..w.e. i hear louis is all up in my business..freaking detitictive.lol..


Today is interesting, we play coral park. People keep calling me crazy for playing with a broken bone, but i don't care. I love the game too much. Practice been much funnier of late. I enjoy talking trash to johnny. I plan on letting loose today. Oh yeah i am suppose to call some girl. Damn, if it wasn't for saturday night games..I would be going out on so many dates. What a sorry ass schedule this year. It messes up my weekends.

Oh yeah, some girl told me about how you learn alot about yourself in a relationship. Yeah i understand what she means now...

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Thursday, October 9th, 2003
8:19 pm
ah..man..what a fun day.. I got away with way to much today lol (at the evil deeds commited)..football rocks, school rocks, and this girl rocks..wohoo. I got some new friends yet it seem as i am losing old ones..lol..if i haven't talk to you for a while it probably you!!! I am once again i am in cloud 9..man, let me put it this way. I use to wish stuff like today would happen, but now..I make it happen..

On a last note. Mario gave me the biggest insult of my life...He told me we look like twins..lol..that wasn't right...

Take Care

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Monday, October 6th, 2003
8:26 pm
what a crappy day...top it off i got the worst news..i freaking broke a bone within my hand..i thought that couldn't be possible. man, there going to be so much pressure to play with that inj..anyway..guess no more jacking off for me..lol..j/k.. the bright side of today was i talk to some girl for about 7 hrs in total. I never spend so much time with a girl since my ex..I dunno, what to come of it, But this sure made my day better. damn, i might need survery..fuck...i am hoping for the best, but it doesn't look good. They already telling me i am out for the season. I will stop here, because my hand killing me.

take care.

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Saturday, October 4th, 2003
12:39 pm
I dunno what i hate more.. when people feel sorry for me or having people talk trash. You wanna know what the best thing about this season is.. I learn to stop caring what people think. I wish people would think before they say stuff, but hey that life. Some people are just stupified. Everyone entitled to there own opinion, but that doesn't give you the right to be a asshole.

w.e. i am just trying to hold back alot of crap in..because i can also say harsh stuff too.

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12:14 am
Hey what up?hm.. let me start with the game. I decide just to quote this girl who send me a text message after the game.

"I'm Sorry u guys lost today..:( U played very well, I'm proud of u... Lots of hugs and kisses... Sleep Well and goodnight *muah*"

We lost. I played decent at most i think. To be honest, everyone and there mother knew we were going to lose this, But we atleast made them earn it. Trust me..they will be sore tomorrow.

Anyway, there another side to the msg. This weekend should be great. hopefully if i got the money. i really wanna hang out with the fellas on saturday at e 2 cafe. Then sunday go on a date with this girl..same one who send me the msg. I am still at a lost to where i wanna take our relationship. She practically admitted to liking me. I can be like yeah pimp her..but..that not right. I would love scamming her, yet there will always be strings attached. I dunno if I'm ready for relationship. I only known her for 2 weeks. I will leave this up in the air. For time will tell where this goes.lol..coach grey so funny..i told him, i was thinking about canceling the date, because we have practice on monday at 8 am. He like no!!, go out and get some nookie. You be energies for practice.

Also.. I just finish seen my car outside. Look brand new.. Wohoo.. It mines this tuesday (insurance issues).

Oh yeah..are we still having a Halo tournment on Monday??? I might be able to go..

Take Care.

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
10:26 pm
I gotta post for, this is amusing the shit out of me. I will never understand woman. I was talking to this girl a month ago.. Girl out of no where get upset and says "stop playing lil games and being immature". Man, she so pissed me off. I deleted her sn and completely booted her off my reality. Be gone with her ass i said. Lol.. We would see each other in the hall occasionally from then on and i completely ignore her and past right by.. well a couple days ago. I see her again and we meet eyes. So i was force to say hi, you should have seen her eyes light up. I was like wtf.. You suppose to be mad, not more attracted. Anyway she forces me to go get my pen to sign something for her. While i go get my pen, all the guys from my table beginning to hit on her (was in class). Fucking cock feast. I sign and let the other guys do there thing. For i couldn't careless. She start turning around looking at me..haha, man... She then went on to were she was going (got no idea). Now today, I got her msg me saying hi..wtf..man, funny things..It more like a hi, i missed you. So what am i suppose to do?? I have no choice..Like any true pimp would do..scam that hoe.....lol..


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7:45 pm
Life so good. once you reach cloud 9...you never wanna go back.. I dunno why people can't just be like me. This weekend going to be so interesting. I am going to get mines this weekend..Hmmmm..

I get my car next week. Damn, alot been going through my mind. I have mix feeling about giving people rides. It like my heart says yes, but my mind tell me no. I dunno what to do about it.

I hope, i got text message for free. I have been using it so much of late. I can't help myself, but still that going to be expensive if it not free. People are starting to notice .. must kill them all..haha..

I wish i was rich..w.e. I can make a sacrifice. I just want to get the outkast and limp bizkit cd already.

Also our j.v. football team WON..felt good watching them. Felt even better knowing we beat our ex-coach's. Chew and Britain.

That it folks..I got more...but i can't reveal all my secret now..

Take Care

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
8:42 pm
WAZZZAAA... lol.... sorry about that for i don't know what wrong with me. I haven't been posting much of late, because to be honest most people would consider my past days to be real crappy, so i don't bother to re-live such a day. Anyway, yeah... what was i going to say...oh, that easy..Today ROCKED.. i am back on cloud 9 again. I feel so good. Bonus was hearing.. I get my car back next week. Can it get any better? damn..jinx myself..haha.. just got 209280 times better.. Top secret plan at work. No Detials...

I wanna add. Carlos Pena is such a cool person. I got him for 3 classes and he also my teammate for deca. We got to know each other alot since rojas paired us up as partners. I guess that happen to you when your force to share a bed.lol..NOTHING HAPPEN... Anyway, long story short. Guy a P.I.M.P. Much props.

On a final note..just for the hell of it.. I wanna say this... Marlins SUCK!!!!! muah...muah... they lost to the San Francisco Giants.. Hey, Mario!! What you got to say about that..haha..You going to get me for this..but who cares...

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Sunday, September 28th, 2003
12:33 am

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Friday, September 26th, 2003
8:52 pm
What up, people?... Been busy of late.. Wanna make this short and sweet.

Shake them haters off.. Stop trying to crush me.. You can't change me. For i will only give you a big grin in return.

Rephrase...If anyone is having a bad day..plzz don't take it out on me.

Been getting close to this girl. I dunno if anything serious might develop, but i have enjoyed spending time with her. She sure knows my weak spots...hehe..

I finally made up my mind and plan to go to NY for the winter break. Wohoo...I get to spend some time with family members and friends...Free at last..

Last, but not least. Hope everyone having a good time.

Take Care

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Saturday, September 20th, 2003
9:16 pm
I wanna clear something up. Right now...Fuck You.. If you feel the need to rub in how much we lost by yesterday..I am just sick and tired. The past 3 weeks have been so stressful. I can't take it anymore. I hate when people constantly remind me how much we suck... Fuck You... If you can talk so much trash, yet WHY DON'T YOU JOIN THE TEAM??..btw you probably saying to yourself..your too slow, too little, too skinny, whatever excuse you come up with.. at least know this...it all B.S. Look at our team. We are the most undersized team in dade county, but all 28 of us got something none of you got..it called HEART...It bad enough we have to face another school, but now we gotta battle our own school too. Seriously, anyone ever thought.. Their might not be no more football EVER in SW, because it coming soon...REAL SOON.. Image that. We barely got enough players to have a scrimmage in practice..All i am saying, is this school FULL OF FUCKING COWARDS.. you can say what you want of us...but deep inside of you..you know you don't have any guts to go out there and do what we do...I dunno why everyone busting our balls..It only the 3 week.. Remind you last year we started 0-4, before we got on a winning streak.. Man, I don't like this side of me, but I am fed up of this shit...

On a lighter note--- Everything outside of football been great. I won't go into details about what i have been up to, because last thing i wanna do is jinx myself.. Anyway, I am off to go relax and be me.

Take Care

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Friday, September 19th, 2003
11:36 pm
I'm so bummed out right now.. that J-Lo and Ben are on the rocks. They were so damn cute together. I was hoping that they'd have a daughter with perfect hair and a bedonka donk butt from birth.

I will make a real post tomorrow.....

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Monday, September 15th, 2003
11:15 pm
Hitler3057: hey
DaJewban: lol...
Hitler3057: there we go
Hitler3057: now we can go bother people in a group


Wow, you're a real person. Great. I guess we have
a couple of options here. We could start an email
relationship, fall madly in love, and maybe even
get a preist to marry us in a live chat ceremony...

Then again, maybe we could get together for a cup
of tea and some stimulating conversation and make
friends. And then after I can validate that you're
actually the cute gal in this picture I saw of
you, we can talk about the online marriage thing.

Give me a call tonight. My number is [insert
number here]. I'm a pretty busy person, and I
can't guarantee that I'll be home, but give a try.
And please call before 11 PM because that's when
my mom makes me go to sleep.

By the way, where can I reach you if I want to
call you ten times a day?

Talk soon.

I am thinking about using this for pure evil..muah muah...

Anyway.. Yeah life been good..It been a roller coaster of feelings of late. Had my ups and downs.. That about it....

Take Care

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Saturday, September 13th, 2003
1:01 pm
Hey... What up.... I feel great. Yesterday was awesome. It like floetry. It all went so smooth. I had time for everything. It made yesterday so special. I had time to for fill all my inner wants and bonus was extra time on the side to stay in touch with friends (hope to get that starcraft tournament going soon). Anyway, I am so in love with my state of mind. I dunno, i am just so freaking relaxed (it like being enlighten). Right, now.. I feel like preaching. I am not a priest by no means, but i see so many mistake men make with women. Like for say. I see this kid..Kid talking about he giving it all up for this girl right (no friend with benefit, no flirt with other girls..the whole nine yards..). I dunno, if he thought about it clearly, but what is he really doing?.. Is he trying to gain this girl approval? uh..yeah.. Ha, that just wuss mentality man, btw you make yourself seem desperate (big no no).. w.e. it none of my business, why should i care about other people life, right? oh, sorry for second there i acted like most people in this world. Anyway, i have been at odds. I am at another level in my game. I understand what carlos meant when he said "he doesn't follow girls, girls come to him". It been freakin cool of late. It like i got a aura to me. I dunno, do girl notice that?.. yesterday, some girl waved me over. We talk for a bit, exchange screen names, and i said my goodbye (wanted to finish working out). Hm.. Weird moment.. I just notice, she just pimped me..ha, if we ever go out.. She better take me some place nice..lol... Funny, thing.. this wasn't my first occurance in this situation (has happen alot lately). I also have been busy. I feel the need to conquer the world, man..Add that to the list of reason why i am not looking for a g/f, right now. I just wanna have fun, so to any girl who might come across this...Be aware.. NO girl can tame this lion. hehe.. matches my zodiac sign too. Girls are dumb, their only trouble. I have to much going for myself. Well, I got to go now.. p.s. good luck to sam, hope everything goes well...Also frank the man in starcraft. I learn all of my tricks and trademarks from him.

Take Care.....

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Friday, September 12th, 2003
8:37 pm
What up, ah man give me second damn louis is a sick #$*@)*. Check it out for yourself.
Anyway, I just lost all thought of mind. Thanks Louis.. I really couldn't go on with life without seen that.

Take care...

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Thursday, September 11th, 2003
9:46 pm
A little something, most people don't know....
First best friend: The world my best friend.
First real memory of something: I got in a food fight in pre school and teacher acussed me of being a rebel.
First date: Oh, this one good. I went out with this girl in elementary. I took her to my church annual fair. I won a gold fish and decide to give it to her...You are saying aww right now, but in reality... I only gave it to her, because i knew it would die in a couple of weeks. muah muah..
First Break-up: some girl back in the day.
First screen name: ar11634721 (i am such a bum..)
First self purchased album:Unknown
First funeral: Never been to one and hope i never have to.
First pets: a Bird
First piercing/tattoo: haven't yet. Comptemplating it, though.
First true love: I dunno what love really is, but i remember when i broke up with april. I kept looking at the sky, while tears ranned down my eye's saying "why did it have to end like this".
first play/musical/performance: 3 wise men (forever scared in my memory)

Last cigarette: Never smoked one.
Last big ride: ha, one of my closest friend brother. Dude is 14yrs old and is 6'2 300lb (i got tired of trying to tackle him, so i just hopped on his back and went for a ride.)
Last real kiss: Last summer (not internship one, before). I meet this girl. Let just say i got more then just a kiss.
Last library book checked out: The Count of monte cristo (too cheap to buy it)
Last movie seen: jeepers crappers two
Last beverage drank: water
Last food consumed: spaghetti
Last crush: Pamela Anderson (when she was still innocent)
Last phone call: My friend Buena called me.
Last tv show watched: Sportcenter (ha, i am such a jock).
Last time showered: When i got home after practice.
Last cd played: Craig David- Born to do it
Last item bought: I bought donuts (opss..donuts bad..haha. couldn't resist).
Last annoyance:I have some girl msg me as soon as i get on aim everyday. It was cool at first. I liked the attention, but now it too much. She expect me to keep her entertained for hours. Like i got nothing better to do.
Last soda drank: Gatorade (does that count? ::shrug::)
Last ice cream eaten: Haven't eaten one for a while.. (i love ice cream, but it too fattening for me)
Last time wanting to die: When i was in my great depression
Last time scolded: Ha, easy...Everyday. I soo suck at football, Just wonder why am I starting?
Last website visited: livejournal

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
9:35 pm
Today was sort of strange. I feel into a deep slumber. I was real quiet today (for the most part). I never notice i intimidated some people (i just thought i was just a big cuddly teddy bear...haha..). In 2 period. I work out with extremely higher weight then what the average student does, so i get people to start thinking i am a show off and etc.., but in reality I just been working out for 3 years and have a passion for working out. Oh yeah 4 period rocked. I did a solid job as stage manager (remind you i barely knew what to do). We then had both lunch's. First lunch, I basically pimped it to random girls with pick up line and had fun. In a way, i am just happy i lost my shyness. 2. lunch was better, though. I got to hang out with sam. I dunno, what happen to frank. Sam came up with the idea to go ahead and check out clubs in the gym. I sign up for some interesting clubs (ha, i am such a nerd). All i can say was Ashley made me do it (a.k.a. hippie). She one big mean bully lol.. <3333. After i was done signing up, I chilled with sam and helmy. There i notice something about sam (reason why i am writing right now). I never mention this before, but i notice a special quality to sam. He has this personality trait that make him get along with people so well. It always seem everyone is happy to greet him and I also notice no one has ever disliked him. It got me thinking about what rojas said "It not always the smartest person who succeed, but the person who get along with people the best". Well, I dunno this awkward for me. I don't go around giving everyone complements and feeling all sentimental. I just feel fortunate to be sam's friend. I hope the best for him, just wish he would stop being so lazy ::coughcough:: howyougetaDinsummerschool?.. Anyways, 6 period was alright. I got to read desperation which is getting pretty interesting. Oh, yeah wish me luck. I am doubting i will be able to read The count of monte cristo by next week (I feel sam's pain, you sometime just don't got the time to do everything.). Practice was good. i gotta stop with the comedy, though. I am the only fool putting on sun tan lotion..lol..E.J. and Surf kept asking me if i had a g/f and johnny kept wondering if i was planning on practicing. I just don't wanna be darker then what i am. Also alot of people don't think if 30-60 years from now might they get skin cancer (i use to be white.. shocker, right?haha..). I am off to give a attempt at reading the book, before it too late..

Take Care..

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Tuesday, September 9th, 2003
10:44 pm
Today was real stressful day. I can be like most people and just write about all the agony, but that not me (damn only if ice cream wasn't so fattening). I had a rough day. I never experience such a bad day in such a long time. I feel like i'm obligated to make the WHOLE world happy. I can't stand it no more. I have ambitions i wanna accomplish this year and for this reason i am not able to satisfy everyone. i see myself having to decide between two paths to take. I just think for a change i will put myself ahead. This, is all i wanna talk about for today. p.s. Homestarruner.com rules (quick cheer me up). I am off to bed now.


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Monday, September 8th, 2003
8:57 pm
Warning.. I already know this is going to be a long entry...

I just gotta write about today. Today was simple amazing. I dunno any other day i have had so much fun. It was almost perfect (It will be hard to beat a day like this). Let me start from the beginning. 2 periods, rocked. I am so happy right now i got coach Daiz as my teacher. I was worried he would be like coach johnson and would make you do all type of crazy stuff you don't really wanna do. I was relieved today when he told us we were free to do our own lifts as long as we get something accomplish. I love lifting weight and i hate how in football i would always have to do there workout and not do what i wanna improve in, so this gave me the freedom. I told him my plan on what i wish to accomplish in that class and he was totally understanding and add a bonus guy can make you laugh. We then lifted weights. I had this scene were all of a sudden i hear johnny scream out loud "Robert is skinny as fuck". Everyone just looked at me and agreed. I still love complement and it felt good all that hard work and people notice and congratulate you for it (btw i weigh 203lb and my waist is 34 right now. lol that remind me...some girl told me she was 32 in waist. hm.. i wonder if i look as good as danny castillo in girl pants..haha j/k). After that i worked out my left knee and was grateful that it was just fine (the rest really helped). Oh, ok now.. I am off to 4 period. Here i become jewban lol.. some girl start talking to me out of no where about our football game. One thing lead to another and well, let say i got her sn lol.. Anyway, yeah i am a P.I.M.P.

Then i went off to lunch. I was at a lost, because i didn't have my old crew to hang out. For some reason we fell apart and they all have second lunch. So i walked around and bumped into enrique. I am so thankful, the cowboys lost too. lol... He would have rubbed it in so much that the dolphin lost to the texans, but we came to a mutual agreement (both our favorite team lost). He later invite me to hang out with his friends at there spot, but for some reason i decline and kept walking. I then went by a place where i wouldn't expect much people i know to be there. It where the majority is rockers (ha, right now. I am ghetto,rapper,r&b, rocker, etc.. lol.. multiple diversity..hehe.. S.A.T. here i come...) I was walking right, then i hear a roaring crowd scream out my name..lol.. (it was orio, jose, and george). They all wanted to know about the game. I respect them for there honestly. We always get in a debate about it (they keep telling me how sw football sucks). Anyway, They pulled me to the side and i decide to stay around and hang out with them. While hang out, i see jose talking to 3 fly girls. When they leave i told jose he should have introduce me to them (i didn't wanna be a cb for introducing myself). He tell me out of no where "shit, introduce yourself". Then, he get a change of mind and tell me "ok, i will introduce you to the next girl that walks by". LoL, i knew what he had in mind so i told him nah, no thanks. He then out of no where goes "i bet you got no balls to introduce yourself to the next girl that walks by". He got my attention when he challenge me infront of everyone (add to that i had the crowd cheering me on). He picked out the girl and well, i had to do my duty. I talked to her for second, got no play. damn, girls can be harsh.. She told me she had no name lol. Anyway, that wasn't the point of why i did it. I just got it started, I then challenge the next person and so on it went. We all started using our famous pick up lines. I still laugh at this guy who got rejected so bad. The girl just rolled her eyes at him, then ignored him. He made me laugh, because his pick up line sounded like someone who worked at a cashier. Went like" how you doing, welcome to McDonald's". He got the worst, but we still gave him his props for it. Then all of a sudden some girls from another table decide to jump in and they start trying to pick up guys. haha.. Yeah we were all having a good time. Then the grand finally came. Someone came up with the idea of making up a false survey and asking people if they masturbated (no it wasn't me.. lol.. i am not that perverted). We ask this girl at a table and she just started laughing. Then all the guys simultaneously go "yeah she does". The interesting things was she didn't even try to denie it.. Seriously you be surprise how many people said yes.. We had a 100% ratio and there was a good 10 people on the list. haha, worked like a charm. We then all realize how much fun it was and said we have to hang out more often (in other words, i found some where i can just be me and have fun). I then headed back to my class.

There silvio started talking to me infront of the class. It was like we both talk and the whole class just lessens. Damn, that guy a super freak. He telling me about that he likes licking girl a-hole. We entertain the class until the bell rings. Now i am heading to 6 periods, a bit tired. Here i finally get some rest and have a chance to read desperation. After that i start talking to this people around my seat. There this 2 ghetto girls. It remind me what i liked about ghetto girls. I don't mean to be a ass, but they seem so dumb. The best part is you get to avoid all the mind games that all the smart girls play with you. It like playing beginner level rather then the hardest one (pc gamers can relate). Well, i did my duty again. Also, i was brought back to reality. We had the career specialist and college counselor come in. The career specialist freaked me out, because she had me thinking so far ahead. I am worried, that i might choice something i don't wanna do in life. I don't wanna be like the rest of the people in this world who hate there jobs. I wanna be happy at what i do. Also, I have to find what the right college for me. I still have mixed feeling about every college, because the fact is. I don't know much about colleges. After that. I went on with my bad self to practice. Huge boost. This was the icing on the cake. We went on should pads and shorts. This rocked. We didn't even hit. This give me time to rest my body and well, truthfully. I didn't wanna practice all that much. Yeah, i have no clue what in store for me tomorrow, but if it as close as what today turn out to be. I will be one happy camper lol...(corny as it may be)

Take Care...

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Sunday, September 7th, 2003
6:25 pm
Awaits the next episode..
Today has become my day of rest. I woke up feeling sore and my left knee hasn't quite been feeling good. It endured alot yesterday (it hasn't endured so much since after i fractured my left knee). I will let it rest, because i really wanna stay healthy and it would be foolish of me to go out and abuse my body. So i basically canceled all my plan for today...lol..nothing big..hehe..(inside joke).well, i am off to go play yahoo scrabble with frank.

Take care...

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2:56 am
Hey, What up.. i dunno what to tell you. We lost 7-21. I am not in the mood to re-live the moment. I had a good outing, but who really cares. That what i hate about my position. No one really care/notice you unless you mess up. Well, atleast dustin thanked me. That was enough for me to feel appreciated.

Take care people...

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Friday, September 5th, 2003
9:33 pm
Well, I don't got much to say.. Life been real good. I don't feel the need to talk about it, because by now i expected it to be good everyday. Anyway, i keep hearing all this commotion about school dress code. It funny, i only see girls with all this issues.. Also..I don't mean to be a ass, but i just think if you come to school to learn and prepare for the future then you should atleast act a bit professional. Seriously, I know they say school your second home, but damn..lol.. you people take it literally...Whatever, that just my opinion. Right now, i just wanna leave you with this ever lasting thought...

Forgive me father, for what to come tomorrow.....

Take Care.....

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
9:04 pm
It all came out today. We were on the last lap right.. We all had to run one extra. My position coach walks up to me and says "i wanna see you explode". In my head i was like "$*#@.. gotta run hard, now." I was died tired already from the previous lap. Then, the count down. 3,2,1... I hit the ground running. A compelation of things start occuring 1.all my muscle tighting up 2. i start feeling myself almost run with a grace 3. I started passing by people who are suppose to be fast. It like i hit nos on them. Damn, i should have waved while i passed them..LoL. I think i left alot of people in shock.hehe...

On a final note: I ...forgot. nevermind. no final note

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003
6:51 pm
Today, ha... Today, just one shitty ass day man... Well,. Ladies and Gentleman the lesson for today is it better being late then never... I am still in shock what happen this mourning, but i am over it already. I am just surprise at how i didn't self pity myself. My mourning... ah, basically my car f up. Freak accident... My mom just glade i didn't have to go to the hospital or even worse killed myself. I was trying to get to sam house when some huge truck came out of no where then the car on the lane jump to mine, i was about to hit it and swirled and hit some other car in the back. Yeah, man...I am so glade how unconsciously i made the right decision . I kept plotting different scenarios while i waited for the tow truck (that was the safest one i could come up with). I could have tried some rambo stuff and gotten myself killed. Anyway, it was really due to speeding. I woke up late and was in a hurry. Damn, me for it too. My mom at first bitched me out. She then, finally realize. I didn't need another lecture and more of a friend (i love her for what she did) 20min later, i was already laughing about it with my mom. Ah, man. I even go ask her if she feeling lucky. See if we can win the monopoly lotto thing and get the money to get the car fix (there nothing like believing in hope.) we didn't win nothing, but it sure broke the ice between my mom and me. She only worried, because of my dad. who the one who going to be living it up (when he hear it). He is a hypocrite in so many ways. Let me explain, He will help me buy the car and congrats me and when i crash he be the type who says i knew we shouldn't have bought him the car.. I haven't been close to him for a while, So that make it worse. I have been holding a grudge on him for all the pain he cause me when he told me he would prefer to keep drinking alcohol (knowing damn well it will kill him some day soon) rather then me, but w.e. from now on... I promise myself, to look pass that and try to move on, because i have to get over that not everyone has the will power i have and can just stop doing something they are addicted to. Well, add another twist to it. He wasn't that upset. He just hurting, because he hold the key to how fast i can fix my car. He has $3,000 stored up for a trip to cuba, but that went out the door now.. Damn, i am going to owe so much money now. LoL, you got no ideas how much favors i am pulling right now. So far i calculated, i would have to work until the end of school to pay back my dept.. I need a job, now.., Well let me not get ahead of myself. I had a good time with the tow truck people that picked me up. It was hilarious. I was prying we didn't crash (you know how messed up it would be to be involved in 2 crashes in one day). The tow truck driver almost crashed, looking at some women walking the side walk. Don't get me wrong we were all looking (it was 3 of us btw), but he the damn driver man..LoL.... I have learned my lesson and it time to move on (i will probably feel it for a few days, though. My mom can't help, but tell the whole world. I had someone already msg me saying if i am alright. btw i never told him about it). Ether way I have no need in dwelling over it, i am hopeless to control over. I just wish i could have change back the hand of time and stop myself from leaving the house. I am only contemplating one thing, right now.. I am bound to get a lecture by the football team for missing 2 days in a row (1 for my sickness and 2 for today crash). I thank today for taking me to realization (in other words stepping outside the box and seen the bigger picture). Football really is a small part of my life now and what really going through my mind is if i should really let it go and proceed other things in my life (i have been wanting to expand my horizon). Let be realistic, i high doubt any college (which is any good) well, wanna recruit a 6'1 205lb OL. (remind you people at my position average weight is around 6-6 300lb. Also i really don't wanna be around 250 and up ever in my life again...for NO reason, not even just to play football..). I might had a chance back then...but now. I practically know there no way in HELL, so why keep living a dream and face reality in the face. Anyway it not the same. I love the workouts and stuff, but i don't enjoy playing as much as i use to. If anyone got any advise. I would appreciate it. Oh yeah, the only sunshine in my day was i baby seated my lil cousin. Yeah, man.. i love that kid to death. We shared priceless moment the whole day. I love lil kids for that, they always bring out the lil kid within me .. Last thing.. I so wish i could fly. Just get away for a few hours. be set free.. Give me time to rest from a day like this. What a day it should be tomorrow, when i have to face the crowd. Oh well, I have nothing to lose... OH, yeah new rule for me before i forget. I gotta go to sleep at 10pm from now on. No more flirting with girls till 12am. I gotta change my act and find a limit. It not summer anymore. I gotta seperated business from pleasure. Let me go do my hw. I need to stop being so lazy. It my Kryptonite. Still, wish i was superman.......

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Monday, September 1st, 2003
2:06 am
Happy B-Day Sam...
Today, rocked.. Damn, I only regret not doing my hw. I will be honest. I didn't know it was sam b-day till today. No one told me, but ether way. I did my best to make it up for him. It was also this other girl b-day (so i did something nice for her too). Anyway, Sam wanted to go out (had hw, but you just couldn't say no, come on it only his b-day once a year). So, frank and me came up with the idea of surprising sam with a gift. LoL.. Damn, i know i am not suppose to say it, but what the hell. We got him a pack of ________. Hehe.. He laugh about it, but he will thanks us later in his life. We then went to go visit elly. It was alright. We got there late, so there wasn't much we could do. It wasn't my planning of going over there anyway. We then, went to Dolphin. There we went to go watch jeepers creepers 2. In dolphin, I notice this girl just break her neck staring at me. Damn, she was hot too. Her dad was next to her, so it wasn't worth it. i would easily be cb-ed. Anyway, frank and me had good laughs about it. We then went in and got the tickets. After that, we hit up ddr. lol. It weird, now. I notice people staring at us and stuff. I am glade that we all enjoy the spotlight now.. I beat the birthday kid (i know i know, it was wrong by me.. But i couldn't resist. My competitive side got me..) I lost against frank (damn, him. I was trying to get a sweep. There always next time, though). We then headed to go watch the movie. jeepers creepers 2 is a dm movie. It not scary at all. I haven't laugh at a movie so much in a while. The movie was pretty sorry, if it wasn't for our commentary during the movie. I know i would be bored as hell. Anyway after the movie, we made our rounds. I kept seen sam and frank look into the sky.. probably checking if there any signs of creeper lol... Oh, Yeah after i got home. I started talking to this girl, right. She freaking tested me for 2 hrs, man. crazy.. I felt like it was the s.a.t. all over again (girls do that to know if your a wuss). Anyway, yeah i passed her test with flying colors. I got a date next sunday if nothing important happens till then. She only has one thing that intrigues me, though. She has a slamming body. I will try and be more open minded...see if there is more to her then that. In simple terms I pimped it, the end. Goodnight people..

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